Check Out ‘Promise Boys’ by Nick Brooks

By Chufo Ramirez

Chufo Ramirez, Valdez-Perry Branch Library

“Promise Boys” by Nick Brooks is a young adult (YA) murder mystery that explores the topics of corruption, race and class. The story is told from various perspectives and points of view, and is written in a format that uses transcribed interviews, articles, testimonies and text messages. 

Within the first few sentences of the book, we learn that Principal Kenneth Moore has been murdered on school property and police have launched a homicide investigation. The prime suspects are three students of color, J.B., Ramón and Trey.

As the story unfolds, each of the main characters appears to be guilty, based on previous interactions they had with the principal. They each had interactions with Principal Moore that could be viewed as motive to kill him.

To clear their names and find the “real” murderer, the students must work together to prove their innocence. That is, of course, unless one of them did it.  

This book is available in book, ebook and audio formats. Remember to stop by the library if you are interested in reading this book or getting other book suggestions. 

Chufo Ramirez is a librarian at the Valdez-Perry Library. When not reading or listening to books, or leading storytime, you can find him playing his guitar or another instrument. 

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