Check It Out: ‘Paradox Hotel’ by Rob Hart

By Dexter D. Smith

Dexter D. Smith, lead circulation clerk at the Valdez-Perry Branch Library

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‘Paradox Hotel’ by Rob Hart, Adult Fiction

In this sci-fi mystery, we meet the ever-snarky January Jones, special security for the Paradox Hotel. This hotel serves the super rich who are on their way to and from their luxury time-traveling vacations. 

The Paradox Hotel is hosting a summit of the most influential people in the world, but things are getting weird.

After encountering an invisible corpse, Jones’ battle-tested instincts tell her that there is more at play than just the summit. But we quickly discover that Jones’ instincts are compromised by a time-travel sickness that causes her to see visions of past and future events. 

Jones investigates corruption, murder, dinosaur smugglers and the biggest mystery of them all: Who are the ghosts that haunt the Paradox Hotel?

I found this time-travel book to be very accessible. As a reader, I appreciated that this sci-fi mystery was more mystery than sci-fi.

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