$600 Million in Construction Projects Underway in Globeville

By the G.E.S. Gazette staff

Of $600 million in infrastructure projects to be implemented in Globeville by the end of 2027, several moved from the design phase into construction in 2024. And construction will begin in 2025 on some of the most significant, a combination of projects along Washington Street between 54th Avenue and I-70.

At a recent meeting of the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) Globeville & Elyria-Swansea Community Advisory Group, city staff presented designs for what it described as the amenity zone along Washington Street. The zone will feature 10- to 12-foot-wide sidewalks, trees and other landscaping, benches and interpretive signage highlighting neighborhood history.

City staff are working on a plan to mitigate the impact of construction on nearby businesses, acknowledging the effect recent road closures – as part of the current pedestrian improvement project at 44th and Broadway – had on the nearby Prodigy Globeville coffee shop.

The city expects to wrap up the 44th Avenue and Broadway project in mid-June. Sidewalks and ramps have been added or improved, and a bike lane created, at the 44th and Broadway intersection, and on the bridge from Broadway up toward Fox Street. The pedestrian ramp from the bridge down to 44th, near Garden Place elementary school, is part of the final phase.

DOTI began meeting with area residents in December 2022 through the Globeville & Elyria-Swansea Community Advisory Group. Residents and businesses are encouraged to attend meetings to learn about upcoming projects and their impacts on the vicinity.

For more information, sign up for email updates on DOTI’s website at www.denvergov.org/doti. To see videos from past advisory group meetings, visit DOTI’s Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/@DenverDOTI.

The next advisory group meeting will be virtually by Zoom on Thursday, July 25.

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