Improve Air Quality For Your Family and Community With A Mostly Free Electric Mower [Sponsored Content]

By Regional Air Quality Council

The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) is the Front Range’s lead air quality planning agency. We create plans for the state to improve air quality and meet goals set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The RAQC also runs programs that work to reduce air pollution and improve public health in the greater Denver metro.

Sometimes, when an industrial facility faces fines, we receive those monies to put back into the community. As a result, this summer is your chance to upgrade your gas-powered lawn mower to a clean, quiet, electric option — and help improve the health of your family and community.

Gas-powered mowers have an oversized negative impact on our air quality. They contribute especially to the formation of ground-level ozone, which you cannot see or smell, but is bad for you to breathe. In fact, operating a gas-powered mower for just an hour contributes the equivalent air pollution of driving a car from Denver to Utah. When you use a gas mower, you also breathe in high levels of harmful air pollutants that are released right next to you. But you can improve the air quality in your backyard this year, almost for free.

Utilizing industrial fines, the RAQC is hosting events for residents of targeted communities to trade in old gas-powered equipment for a new electric mower. By also using a new Colorado state discount, you can receive an electric mower that retails for over $400 mostly free – you will only need to pay the tax. This is usually less than $20.

There will be multiple models of electric mowers available at these events available for just the tax. If you prefer to purchase a higher end model mower, you just pay the difference after the discounts provided. 

This program is open to residents of the following zip codes: 80022, 80024, 80221, 80640, 80229, 80260, 80216, 80205, 80211, 80207, 80238, 80239, 80249.

G.E.S. Gazette Readers: if you live in the Globeville, Elyria, or Swansea communities – you likely qualify! Just check the above zip code list. 

You don’t need to sign up in advance. Simply show up at one of the events we’re hosting with Ace Hardware with your old gas mower, with the ability to bring home a mower. Electric models are about the same size and weight as your old gas equipment. While you must live in one of the zip codes listed, you do not need to live in the specific community of the event. Please bring an ID, utility bill, or other proof of your residency in one of the specified zip codes.

Please also note you do need to bring a gas-powered mower for us to recycle to participate.

  • April 13, 2024: Commerce City Ace Hardware: 6900 Eudora Dr, Commerce City, CO 80022
  • April 20, 2024: Mile High Ace Hardware & Garden: 2700 W 104th Ave, Federal Heights, CO 80234
  • April 27, 2024 – Chambers Place Ace Hardware: 4830 Chambers Road Denver  CO 80239
  • May 4, 2024 – IF NEEDED: Location TBD near Globeville or Sunnyside neighborhoods in Denver*

*Please visit for updates on times and locations.  This program utilizes one-time funding, and this offer is only available as funding permits. If funds are exhausted in the first three events, there will not be a fourth, so don’t wait!

Meeting Colorado’s air quality goals takes all of us. Regulators and advisory groups are working on reducing industrial air pollution, but reducing individual gas emissions, like those from gas-powered mowers and cars, can help cut the ozone causing pollution on the Front Range in half! Plus, electric mowers are much quieter, require less maintenance, and you will no longer have to buy or handle gas. Upgrading your personal lawn mower from gas to electric can make a really big difference for air quality in your community, as well as for the health of you and your family.

Please visit and select “residential program” or email for more information.

Paid Advertisement by the Regional Air Quality Council. This project was undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for alleged violations of federal laws.

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