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Two years ago next month, the first issue of The G.E.S. Gazette started arriving in mailboxes. While our other paper, The Denver North Star, which covers NW Denver, ran the occasional piece on Globeville, we were responding to community’s requests by launching a paper dedicated to Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea, including the RiNo art district. We’re thankful for the praise we’ve heard from many of you about the news articles, columns, and overall sense of community in the paper.

Today we’re asking for your help for the paper to continue. You likely noticed there are very few ads in this edition. The paper is largely funded by local ads and grants, but currently neither are meeting the basic operation bills. Some of us are volunteers. I have a different day job and volunteer with the papers in the evenings, weekends, and as time allows. We have a small core paid team, but our bigger costs like printing and mailing have seen increases. We’re needing additional revenue and have set a deadline of the end of the year to determine if the paper can continue.

If you’re a local business, government agency, organization, or someone else with advertising needs, please consider the paper as part of your advertising plan. Visibility on these pages is a fraction of the cost of direct mail and more credible than social media. Dollars spent locally recirculate in the community.

We greatly appreciate donations too. Checks can be mailed to “The G.E.S. Gazette, PO Box 11584, Denver CO 80211 or you can donate online through our sister publication.

If you’re a resident with some time to give, we’re also forming a fundraising committee to look at new options. If you’d like to help, or have other ideas for us, please reach out to me at David@

We hope to continue bringing you timely, unbiased news about the G.E.S. neighborhoods and contributing to the creation of a sense of community. If that’s important to you as well, we’d appreciate your help.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Eric Heinz for his service as editor of this paper. Over the last year and a half, he’s talked with many of you, attended community events, and otherwise been at the core of creating this paper each month. I know how deeply he’s cared about these neighborhoods. We wish him the best as he’s moving on with his career. We’re excited for you to get to know Kathryn White, an award-winning local journalist, who is taking over the role starting next month.

David Sabados is the publisher of the G.E.S. Gazette and The Denver North Star newspapers.

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