CSU ENVIRONS to Make Changes to Health Study Engagement

By The G.E.S. Gazette staff

Colorado State University’s ENVIRONS program, which is leading a health study in the Globeville, Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods, recently announced that it would reorganize how it holds meetings and engages the public.

“When ENVIRONS started this study in March of 2022, we knew that the first year would be challenging, yet would leave us with a greater understanding of how to partner with the Globeville, Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods,” a statement from ENVIRONS read. “Over the past year we focused on building a strong foundation with the Community Council, began the process of diving into the data and creating maps, and worked to build relationships and visibility within the community. We were present at multiple community events in the fall and winter, and hosted a food box distribution for Las Posadas.”

ENVIRONS stated it was able to connect with local, state and federal agencies and conduct other research projects in the immediate area, and the team said this would not have been possible without members in the GES communities. “

As expected, there have also been many challenges along the way,” ENVIRONS stated. “Notably, we have struggled with attendance at community meetings, which, we have learned from conversations with other community organizations, is not a struggle unique to us.”

ENVIRONS said in a document provided at a recent meeting that it will aim to offer child care services onsite during meetings when necessary or make arrangements for the provision of appropriate child care services. The group also stated its Spanish translation for materials from the meetings was not completed until after certain deadlines.

“Moving into Phase II, we now have a better understanding of our work processes and the time required for translation,” ENVIRONS stated.

The website geshealthstudy.org has more information on the study, a calendar of events and links to online access to meetings and more.

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