Elected Official Update: Riding with RTD Into 2023

By Michael Guzman, RTD Board of Directors District C representative

Wow, has anyone else had a busy start to 2023? Hello, My name is Michael Guzman. I am your new RTD Director for District C. I was sworn in on Jan. 10, 2023.

Michael Guzman

My goal is to help improve RTD in any way that I can and (like all good Coloradans know about the parks, the lakes, and the mountains) to leave it better than I found it. Perhaps it sounds simple, but my sleeves are rolled up and I am ready to go.

I come to this policy making board as a Native Coloradan, I used to run around barefoot on the sandstone sidewalks during the summers in the west side. I learned to ride RTD with my grandma and my mom. Pay the fare, get the transfer, always make sure you get the right connection.

So, I also bring a lifetime of being an RTD Customer to the board table. I use the 44, the 52, and the G train most, but I like to get around and not have to worry about locking my keys in the car or having to remember where I parked or getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.

I have been learning everything I can to be a good public servant for you. As a new Director there is a lot to learn. Sometimes, I feel like I am drinking from a firehose. I was assigned to both the Finance and Planning Committee and the Performance Committee; I will participate with DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments) and the Community Advisory Council. I look forward to hearing from and meeting with you at different events throughout District C.

También estoy orgulloso de que yo si sé hablar Español, e eu falo Português também.

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are so many new opportunities for RTD. I am looking forward to engaging with everyone about the RTD Fare Study and Equity Analysis, especially as we move into the Public Comment phase.

This study is bringing much needed change to the fare schedule making it easier to understand. The Northwest Rail Peak Service Study continues to be an exciting opportunity to improve the RTD services that have a strong value added. Adding these rail line commutes will connect District C with Lafayette, Boulder and Longmont. It is one way for RTD to be accountable for the Fastracks rail lines.

This is a robust agency that has amazing potential to serve our region well. RTD is the Red Carpet from DIA to the 5280. I am excited to see who will get the naming rights for the A-Line, by the way, stay tuned. I am super excited to work with the other 14 members of the board.

I am very grateful for the confident and wise, yet graceful leadership of Debra A. Johnson CEO and General Manager of RTD, who has built an incredible team of leaders at the agency. I am also looking forward to seeing how our systems are improved and security strengthened with the leadership of Dr. Joel Fitzgerald Sr., RTD Chief of Police and Emergency Management. Most importantly, I want to hear from you. I am your voice on the Board of Directors, I need your input.

Contact me at: michael.guzman@rtd-denver.com or call me at 720-252-4961.

As our region continues to grow into the “new” normal, public transit will become key for reconnecting, reducing emissions and providing access and belonging in our daily lives. That said RTD has some amazing employment opportunities and I encourage you to check them out.

Some positions are eligible for a $4000.00 hiring bonus. Check it out at rtd-denver.com/careers. I would be remiss not to thank former Director of District C Angie Rivera-Malpiede.

Angie worked very diligently and courageously as both a Director and during the pandemic as the Chair of the Board. Angie was recently recognized as Woman of the Year by WTS International for her excellence and outstanding contributions to transportation as a Latina leader. Congratulations!

Michael Guzman was elected to the RTD Board of Directors District C in November. His term ends at the end of 2026.

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