Denver Says It Will Provide More Updates on51st and Washington Project

The G.E.S. Gazette staff

Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure recently announced it will start a regular email list regarding its efforts to make improvements to the 51st Avenue and Washington Street area, after the agency said it had received concerns about the efforts.

The distribution list for the regular email updates has since been expanded to include all community advisory group members after the city said residents emphasized the need for more involvement.

“The inter-departmental working group continues to meet regularly to address immediate concerns and collaborate on proactive strategies to mitigate challenges over the medium and long-term,” Chris Callahan, a DOTI staff assistant, stated in an email. “(Denver) is working diligently to serve the Globeville community, and these regular email updates are only one component of a larger inter-agency response effort.”

The entirety of the study area runs along Washington Street from just south of 45th Avenue to 52nd Avenue. Denver is looking to make improvements to the streets and sidewalks in the area, which could encourage more commercial operations along the corridor.

DOTI stated it will share updates at the Washington Area Community Advisory Group meetings, the next of which takes place 6-7 p.m. Oct. 27 on Zoom. Details of the meetings, the project area, and more can be found on under Washington Area Program of Projects.

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