Posada Brings Joy to Swansea

The term “posada” directly translates to mean “inn” or “hostel,” but the tradition of the Posada means more. Posada is a Christmas event reenacting the biblical story of Mary and Joseph looking for a place for Jesus to be born. Community members, dressed as Mary and Joseph, walk through a neighborhood singing traditional Christmas songs. Stopping at homes and businesses, they are turned away, told there is no room.

Elias Garcia accompanied the group on guitar.

Fran Aguirre, Yadirah Sanchez, Harmony Cummings, and other community members decided to restart the tradition this year in Swansea after it had been intermittent for the last decade. Cummings, who said the biggest challenge was finding a donkey, felt the event took on special meaning in Denver’s current housing crisis. Photos by Rose Sanchez and Andre Houssney.

Olivia and Leonardo Sanchez took on the roles of Mary and Joseph, joined by Pedro the donkey

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