The First Art-Based Library in the Country is in the RiNo Art District

RiNo will be getting a library in the eminent future and The G.E.S. Gazette has the inside scoop. We spoke with Senior Librarian Mónica Lozano about the library and its  connection with the Denver art world. RiNo Art District is a bustling community that has grown into a vibrant art district. With galleries, restaurants, breweries, and boutiques, adding a library to the area only makes sense. “A library is a need in the community,” Lozano explains. 

Although the library hasn’t opened to the public yet, and is currently going under a name change, the community had an opportunity to get a sneak peak at the branch during the Artpark community grand opening September 24-26th. The Artpark branch is a unique public library, something the Denver community hasn’t seen up until now. “We are the first art-based collaboration in the country,” Lozano says.

The new library, located in the RiNo Art District will serve the Five Points, Cole, Globeville, and
Elyria-Swansea communities

The branch is also partnering with the Denver Zine Library. The volunteer-based library will collaborate with the branch for programs and events. The branch has four community rooms for the public to enjoy. Patrons will also notice the inclusion of art and culinary books along with art-based programs and events.

Community and representation is a big thing for Monica Lozano and for the branch, especially since the area has been under scrutiny for years of gentrification and erasure of the Black and Brown community. “Being mindful of staff representing the community and having discussions of equity and diversity within the branch is very important to me while developing the Artpark Branch.” Lozano says. She wants everyone to feel included and welcomed in the space. “It is a public library. It is for everyone to enjoy.”

As the branch prepares to officially open to the public, Lozano hopes the community embraces this art-based library and fully takes advantage of the fun things the branch has to offer. 

The soon to be named ArtPark library is located at 35th Ave and Arkins Ct.

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